Why You Should Let Your Personality Type Guide Your Career Path

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You may have realised — or perhaps you’re in the process of discovering — that you have a certain personality type. This refers to what you, as an individual, prefer when you are using your mind or focusing your attention. For instance, you may prefer to spend your time in the outside world or you may prefer to focus on your inner world. If the former applies to you, then you would be called an extrovert, while if the latter rings true, then you’re probably more of an introvert. Extraversion and introversion, which were coined by the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, are the two most commonly known classifications of personality type. One type isn’t superior to the other. They just mean you tend to prefer one activity over another (e.g. hosting dinner parties vs. reading).

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Originally published at www.samwoolfe.com on July 26, 2018.

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