Why It’s Unethical to Not Pay Freelancers on Time

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Getting paid late is the bane of a freelancer’s life. From personal experience, I know how frustrating, stressful, and tiring it can be to submit an invoice, not know when it will be paid and then — if payment doesn’t come in after a month — to have to chase the invoice, not even just once, but perhaps multiple times. Any down-to-earth freelancer will realise that the world of freelancing is unfair at times and that certain steps need to be taken to make sure that you get paid on time. But this doesn’t nullify the fact that not paying freelancers on time is an ethical issue that shouldn’t be blindly accepted.

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Originally published at https://www.samwoolfe.com on February 10, 2020.

I'm a freelance writer who is interested in philosophy, ethics, psychology, and mental health. Website: www.samwoolfe.com

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