The Psychology Behind James Roper’s Artwork

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James Roper is a multidisciplinary artist based in Manchester, UK. He uses traditional painting, as well as digital art software like Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop, in order to create brilliant and distinctive psychedelic paintings. Roper employs a variety of artistic styles, such as abstract, surrealism, figurative, and Baroque (a form of art that flourished in 17thand 18thcentury Europe, characterised by dramatic scenes, which masters like Caravaggio and Rembrandt were able to create through the contrast between light and shadow, as well as the use of myriad colours and textures). Like Baroque art, Roper’s art exudes qualities such as grandeur, sensuality, vitality, movement, tension, and emotional exuberance.

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Originally published at on March 11, 2019.

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