Being Realistic When Looking for a Fulfilling Career

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There is no shortage of career advice articles telling you to just chase your dream career and actualise your true potential. If I allow myself to be snarky, I can dismiss these motivational pieces as saccharine and merely relying on platitudes that are of no practical value. On the other hand, an optimistic and anti-cynical side to me can recognise that maybe some people benefit from these encouraging career advice pieces. I, for one, hope to be impactful when writing any career-related content, but that would be for the reader to judge. I do genuinely believe, as many career writers also opine, that one should not waste any time in pursuing a meaningful career. However, I find the issue with a lot of advice given on this topic — and the subsequent following of this advice ­- is that there is a lack of realism. When pursuing a fulfilling career, whatever it may be, it’s important to maintain realism for a variety of reasons.

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Originally published at on February 14, 2020.

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